The 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 Refund Policy

Unlike physical products you must return, it is not possible to return a downloadable product, even if you state you have not yet downloaded it.

Refunds are not given because you changed your mind, found the program confusing, are too scared/lazy to implement, did not like the plan in general, did not have access to the required software (e.g. PDF viewer), or had a technical issue. All the information about the program including accurate social proof is clearly stated on our website. There is also the opportunity to contact us beforehand with any questions.

You will be required to spend time watching the trainings, reading the manuals and formulating your plan, it does require some personalization and time commitment.

6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 is for single use only and cannot be shared with multiple partners (including business parties, friends or family members) – this includes access to the coaching group.

If split payment terms aren’t met, you will lose access to the digital program due to the fact the program is regularly updated with new trainings and content.

You will also be removed from the Coaching group. There are no payment breaks or extensions available. Please make sure you can afford the program before you start it and are quick to respond and resolve any issues regarding failed payments.

These terms are without exception and a refund request outside of these requirements will not be processed.

6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 Monthly Subscription Cancellation 

Once the initial 90 days of access is over, 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 will charge you a £47 monthly subscription fee for continued access to the program and it's amenities. To cancel, simply email [email protected] with the headline "Cancel" and our support team will make sure to terminate the subscription fee. 

The 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 90-day Money Back Guarantee – Eligibility Criteria 

The 90-day money back guarantee is only applicable within the first 90-days of purchasing 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0. Any refund requests outside of the first 90-days of purchase completely void the 90-day refund guarantee. 

This policy is only applicable to clients who pay full price for the program up front. If you purchase the payment plan option you are not eligible for the guarantee.

If you fail to make $5,000 in revenue from the process taught in this program, and you meet all the criteria set out below, you will be eligible for a full refund.

The 90-day money back guarantee is only applicable to individuals who can prove they have implemented the strategies taught inside 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 for 90-days straight. If you have not made the amount you paid for the program back within 90-days you must e-mail [email protected] with ‘Refund’ in the subject line. In order to be eligible for a refund you must meet the following criteria and provide proof where necessary. If you are emailing please make sure you provide all the necessary proof.

  1. Prove that you have engaged and asked relevant questions inside 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 Coaching group for ‘90-days’ straight. Specifically, 20 Posts (Minimum) in total.  This demonstrates you have asked for help throughout the course of the program.
  2. 100% Full Attendance across all course videos, this can be tracked and we will check to ensure you have watched all videos.
  3. 100% Reply Rate to all assistance emails + DMs associated with 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 over 90-days. This demonstrates you were proactive in asking for help.
  4. All workbooks/worksheets filled in fully. Including diagrams, side notes and any other relevant notes. Photographic evidence of every worksheet must be supplied
  5. Proof that you have marketed yourself for '90-days' using our cold outreach strategies. You must provide evidence that you’ve sent out at least 1000 messages or emails to targeted clients within the 90 days. These messages must fit the standard taught in the program, showing that you have personalised each message and provided a clear call-to-action. This demonstrates that you were proactive in client outreach.
  6. Proof that you have created an offer within the frameworks set out in 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0 and have offered it for free to at least 50 prospects within the 90-days of starting 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0. Again, you must personalise the outreach messages / emails to the standard set out in 6 Figure Freelancer 2.0.
  7. All the evidence mentioned must be stored in a folder with your name, then shared via dropbox link to [email protected] for review.
  8. Proof that you have set up a one page website with integrations from a calendar tool recommended in the program, along with a case study / example portfolio and VSL as taught in the program.
  9. Refund requests will take up to 28-days to process.
  10. 100% full attendance across all LIVE coaching calls in the group for as long as you have been a member of the program. Your purchase date & time will be the beginning of your membership.

Failure to provide all of the above evidence will render the 90-day refund guarantee redundant.

Please appreciate that our success rate is extremely high. The refund eligibility criteria is in place to ensure you have fully implemented the program and given it a chance.